Why choose Artificial Silk Flowers
for your Wedding or Event?

Many Brides have chosen Artificial Silk Flowers as their Wedding Bouquets in recent years and they’re only becoming a more popular choice for future Brides. So why is this should you ask? Well please see below to find the answers you’re after.


Why choose Artificial Flowers rather than Fresh Flowers?


♥ Budget friendly, life-like and realistic in appearance
   (your guests will never know the difference!   
Shhh, I won't tell if you don't)

♥ Always in season and a wider range of colours, flower styles and foliage’s to choose from at the time of your wedding

♥ Non-allergenic and unscented for those which may suffer from allergies or asthma

♥ They won’t wilt in hot weather and don’t have to be kept in water

♥ Early delivery and made in advance which gives you peace of mind and no last minute stress on your big day

♥ They will last a life time and will keep their beauty for memories in years to come


♥ Lighter weight compared to fresh flowers to make it easier to hold and carry

♥ Easily transportable without the worry of damaging or bruising

♥ You can keep them for your own display and memories or give them to friends or family


So why wouldn't you choose flowers that you can keep for a lifetime and that hold those special memories

every time you look at them? You’ve worked so hard planning your wedding so why not have them to keep? Every glimpse will remind you of how precious and amazing your day was.  They will be a consistent reminder of all those memories you shared with all your loved ones. Keep them on display for everyone to see or have them stored away to keep their beautiful appearance like the day you received them.


I hope this has made your decision easier, so please contact me
for quotes or any further questions you may have.

Definition of "Silk Flowers"   "Latex Flowers"   and  "Real Touch Flowers"
The term Silk, Latex or Real Touch Flowers is used when relating to Artificial or Faux Flowers. They are not commonly made from Silk fabric itself.  Silk Flowers are normally made from materials such as cotton or polyester fabrics
which gives the appearance of a lifelike flower.
Latex Flowers are a plastic material which gives flowers the similar touch of fresh flowers

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